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Hip Treatments and Surgeries:

If you are looking for an Orthopeadic Surgeon in Victoria, Dr. Parminder Singh is one of Australia’s most experienced hip and knee surgeons. Dr. Singh has trained and practiced both internally and locally and is dedicated to the latest, minimally invasive treatments and techniques to ensure you get the best possible care and make the fastest possible recovery.

To book a consultation with Dr. Parminder Singh, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Richmond, contact us for an appointment at 21 Erin St, Richmond on (03) 9428 4128. Alternative locations for consultations include Brighton, Box Hill and Mount Waverley.

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Hip Pain & Recovery

If you suffer from groin pain, you may have an underlying condition. Hip pain is often caused by an abutment in the hip joint, this is known as femero-acetabular impingement, and will impact your ability to comfortably sit, walk, run or twist. This can be due to either your femur, the prominent bone, or the acetabulum, which is the hip joint. Pain can intensify with activity and may sometimes radiate down the thigh or into the buttocks. Left untreated it can lead to labral tears, cartlidge damage and even premature arthritis.

Dr. Singh is passionate about solving your hip problems, preserving your joints, and delaying the need for a full hip replacement. When arthroscopy and surgery is required, Dr. Singh is dedicated to practicing minimally invasive techniques to aid a rapid recovery. Some of the hip treatments he offers include:

Hip Replacement

Hip Arthroscopy

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Hip Fracture

Hip Injection

Knee Pain & Recovery

Knee pain is a common ailment of both the young and the elderly that can inhibit your ability to participate in everyday tasks, work and sports that you love. Knee injuries can be caused by impact traumas, such as sports and car accidents, or from illness such as arthritis.

Dr. Singh is able to provide knee injections for patients with arthtitis to minimise pain. Dr. Singh also specialises in minimally invasive surgeries such as athroscopy for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and the repair of the patella or quadriceps. These world-class keyhole surgery methods ensure minimal damage and fast recovery times.

As a specialist knee orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Parminder Singh also performs complex reconstructive and replacement surgeries and is experienced in the latest robotic knee surgery techniques. Some of the knee treatments he offers include:

Knee Replacement

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee Fracture

Knee Injection

Surgery Locations:

As one of Melbourne’s leading surgeons, Dr. Singh performs surgery at a number of reputable hospitals throughout Victoria including:

St Vincent’s Private Hospital 159 Grey St East Melbourne VIC 3002

Epworth Richmond Private Hospital 89 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 3121

Epworth Eastern Private Hospital 1 Arnold St Box Hill VIC 3128

Waverley Private Hospital 343-357 Blackburn Rd Mount Waverley VIC 3149