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Dr. Parminder Singh, Australia

Dr. Parminder Singh, Victoria, Australia, is one of Australia’s leading orthopaedic surgeons with two fellowships in Melbourne and London and 24 years’ experience in complex knee and hip saving surgeries. Dr. Parminder Singh’s Melbourne consulting locations include Richmond, Brighton, Box Hill, and Mount Waverley, and he performs surgeries at St Vincent’s Private East Melbourne, Epworth Richmond Private Hospital, Epworth Eastern Private Hospital and Waverley Private Hospital.

If you are suffering from groin or knee pain due to illness or injury, book a consultation with Dr. Parminder Singh in Melbourne today. Bringing extensive experience in the latest treatments and techniques, Dr. Singh will examine you and guide you and your family through all available treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your care.

Known for his warm and insightful approach, Dr. Parminder Singh understands the importance of finding a doctor you feel comfortable with and takes his time to answer questions or concerns you may have.

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Consultations and Surgical Procedures

When you make an appointment with Dr. Parminder Singh in Richmond, you can feel confident that you are on track to regaining your quality of life. As a specialist orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Dr. Singh is an expert on pain management treatments and over the course of his career he has performed many thousands of successful knee and hip saving arthroscopes and surgeries.

With a special interest in Hip and Knee Arthroscopy as well as Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, Dr. Parminder Singh is committed to providing the best care for his patients in Melbourne. Dr. Parminder Singh is an active member of Hip Arthroscopy Australia (HAA) and is at the forefront of developing and teaching the world’s most advanced hip arthroscopy techniques and treatments.

Read more about the latest techniques Dr. Singh performs below. Many are designed to minimise muscle damage and aid in a quick recovery so you can regain your mobility and get back to daily movement, work and sport sooner.

About Hip Pain Consultation and Surgical Procedures with Dr. Parminder Singh:

Hip Arthroscopy

Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip Keyhole Surgery

Hip Fracture Treatment

About Knee Pain Consultation and Surgical Procedures with Dr. Parminder Singh:

Hip Fracture Treatment

Hip Fracture Treatment

Hip Fracture Treatment

Consulting Locations

Dr. Parminder Singh’s Richmond consulting rooms are located at 21 Erin Street, Richmond. Book a consultation in Richmond today on (03) 9428 4128.

Alternatively, you can reach Dr. Singh and book an appointment at one of his alternate consulting locations below:

85 Wilson St, Brighton VIC 3186

Book A Consultation on: (03) 9428 4128

Suite IG, 116-118 Thames St, Box Hill VIC 3128

Book A Consultation on: (03) 9428 4128

Waverley Private Hospital, 343-357 Blackburn Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Book A Consultation on: (03) 9428 4128